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February 29, 2012 Shenzhen suofuda Electronics Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen software industry association formally identified as "enterprise" double soft enterprises, was issued by the Shenzhen software industry association "software enterprise certificate" and "software product registration certificate." double soft certification "means that software enterprises and software products registration; in addition to get enterprises to apply for the double soft certification of software enterprises and software products certification, but also a way to protect intellectual property rights of enterprises, preferential tax policy can allow enterprises to enjoy the country for the software industry. It is to promote the development of software enterprises, enhance informationIndustrial innovation ability and international competitiveness, to further promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development, develop the certification system. The passed "double soft certification", is to encourage all of our employees great, fully demonstrated the power of technology development company, software products, technical service level and on a new level also, that we get the government, industry and customer recognition, this is our historical achievements, but also for our future. Encourage the double soft certification success, make our prospects for future development is full of confidence. We urge in technology, production and sales, customer service and other efforts to moreOn a floor.
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