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3C certification is called the "mandatory product certification system", in September 2014 the State Administration of quality inspection and quarantine, Ministry of public security, CNCA jointly issued the 2014 No. 12, since September 1, 2015 all included in the product certification directory of fire protection products (including combustible gas alarm device), did not obtain mandatory product certification certificate, shall not leave the factory. Sales of imported or used in other business activities. It is Chinese government for the protection of consumers' personal safety and national security, enhance product quality management, implement a product in accordance with the laws and regulations of the conformity assessment system.
In August 10, 2015, the Ministry of public security fire products conformity assessment center through strict examination of the year, Shenzhen suofuda Electronics Co., Ltd. R & D, production of combustible gas alarm products successfully China national mandatory product certification through the 3C certification.
Shenzhen City cable of Fuda Electronic Co. Ltd. is committed to the gas alarm device product development, promotion and service, based on independent research and development, to create a production gas alarm device, analysis of industry technology leader. In the days after the development process, Shenzhen suofuda Electronics Co., Ltd. team made more stringent requirements, strict management of products to develop, strong practicability, high safety, strong stability of gas alarm products, so that the majority of business users benefit. Uphold the principle of "Fuda cable - up and the world economy, the concept of struggle, cable Fuda will work to improve the user's satisfaction.
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