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Fixed gas detector/ transmitter

SFD-600The type of SFD - 600,combustible/toxic gas detector

 Unique multi state color change technology          

 Unique "watchdog" fault diagnosis technology          
 Unique sensitivity of intelligent compensation technology          
 Full range accuracy of ±0.1%FS          
 Explosion-proof, anti surge, anti lightning, the installation is more convenient and safer to use          

 Using high-energy magnetic regulating transmitter, no need open cover on the site or use the remote control          
 Simultaneously or respectively output RS485, 4-20mA and switch signal          
 Online spot change bus address code, 4-20mA signal output calibration

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Detection sensor: can choose photoelectric ion, catalytic combustion type, electric chemical formula, solid-state semiconductor type or infrared light type, metal oxide type, heat conduction type.

Testing gas: general combustible gas, ammonia, and aromatic gas, hydrogen, chlorine, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and so on.
Range of measurement:  Zero to one ppm、zero to ten ppm、zero to one thousand ppm、zero to hundred percent lower explosive limit、twenty-five percent volume
Alarm Settings:   low limit for 25% of full scale range,high limit for 50% of full scale (the user can set arbitrary, the built-in buzzer alarm, sound level 100-150 decibels)
Response time: < 15 s
Recovery time: < 30 s
Explosion-proof way: flameproof
Explosion-proof sign: Exd II CT6 Gb
Level of protection:IP66
Explosion-proof connections: G3/4 pipe thread
Output signals: standard 4-20 ma signal output; Two way dc 24 v switch signal output; Modbus protocol RS485 interface
Temperature range:Forty degrees Celsius below zero to seventy degrees Celsius。
Relative humidity: less than Ninety-five percent
Power supply:Direct Current twenty-four V(DC  fifteen V to DC twenty-eight V)
Power dissipation:less than five watts per
Weight :about three kg/piece
Associated apparatus: SFD-860 Series alarm controller、SFD-300 alarm controller、SFD Multi-functional sound and light alarm、PLC or DCS industrial centralized control system, the ordinary computer (need to add related software)
Commonly used material: high strength anti-corrosion alloy aluminum
Optional material: stainless steel
SFD-600"The chameleon" series gas transmitter naming method is as follows:

a、“SFD”on behalf of SUOFUDA;
b、“600” means detection transmitter。
c、Left after the "600" for the first "X" on behalf of gas detection by object;example: “T”、“F”、“N”、“H”、“C”、“SO”、“HF”、“CL” Represent the general combustible gas、 benzene and aromatic compounds gas、ammonia、hydrogen、 carbon monoxide、 sulfur dioxide、 hydrogen fluoride、 chlorine gas(not list the types of gas, represented by its chemical formula)。
d、Left to count the second "X" represents the type of gas sensor, On behalf of the catalytic combustion type "C" and "D" on behalf of the electric chemical formula, "G" on behalf of the solid-state semiconductor type, "I" on behalf of infrared type, "P" on behalf of the photoelectric ion type, "M" is for metal oxide.
SFD-600TC   General combustible gases   zero to one hundred percent Lower Explosive Limit
SFD-600HC   hydrogen    zero percent to one hundred  Lower Explosive Limit
SFD-600FP   Benzene and aromatic compounds  0-100ppm
SFD-600SD   sulfuretted hydrogen    0-10ppm or 50ppm or 100ppm(Factory default)
SFD-600ND     ammonia gas             0-100ppm
FD-600CD     carbon monoxide    0-500ppm(Factory default)、1000ppm、5000ppm
SFD-600CO2I    Carbon Dioxide      zero percent to five volume
SFD-600CLD     chlorine           0-10ppm
SFD-600SO2D    sulfurous acid anhydride  0-50ppm、100ppm(Factory default)、200ppm、500ppm
SFD-600F2D     fluorine gas          0-1ppm
SFD-600HFD     hydrogen fluoride       0-10ppm
SFD-600CCLF3D    Freon            0-1000ppm
SFD-600O2D     oxygen 0-25%VOL(normal:20.9%VOL,Less oxygen alarm: 15% VOL, peroxide alarm: 23% VOL)
SFD-600HCLD   hydrogen chloride  0-10ppm (factory default), 20ppm, 30ppm)
SFD-600HCND hydrocyanic acid 0-10ppm (factory default), 20ppm, 30ppm, 50ppm, 100ppm
SFD-600COCL2D   phosgene   0-1ppm
SFD-600SIH4D  silane / germane      0-50ppm
SFD-600C4H80P  tetrahydrofuran   0-2ppm
SFD-600CLO2D     chlorinedioxide    0-1ppm
SFD-600N2H4D  hydrazine  0-1ppm
SFD-600NOD   nitric oxide     0-300ppm 0-1000ppm (factory default)
SFD-600NO2D  carbon dioxide  0-50ppm 0-300ppm (factory default)
SFD-600PH3D   phosphine   0-20ppm




电缆单芯截面积 千米电阻 最远传输距离
mm2 单向 回路 m
1.0 18.1Ω 36.2Ω 820
1.5 12.1Ω 36.2Ω 1652
2.5 7.4Ω 14.8Ω 2057




产品名称 探测显示精度 现场液晶显示方式 信号输出种类 故障自诊断技术 灵敏度线智能补偿功能











 其他厂家的可燃、毒性气体变送器。  显示进度为1%,探测显示精度一般。  普通单色显示。  只能输出一种或两种信号。  无此功能  使用遥控器或开盖调试,防爆方面存在隐患。




The type of SFD-300
gas alarm controller





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