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Portable gas detector

SFD-100TA/97A、SFD-100TA/C TB1000X系列(扩散式)SFD - 100 TA / 97 a, SFD - 97 / C TB1000X series (diffusion) (1)

Highly intelligent and microcomputer technology; Easy to carry, easy to operate, stable and reliable.
Low and high of sound and light alarm function, low-voltage alarm.


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measuring principle: catalytic combustion type,electrochemical type

measuring range: CH4:0-4.00% VOL, CO: 0-1000ppm

measuring accuracy: ±3% LEL or ±1 PPM
alarm and display: display time, alarm value ,temperature, sound and light alarm
battery continuous work time: CH4: > 10 hours, CO: > 100 hours
working temperature/humidity: - 5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ / CH4 98% RH or less (condensate)

power:Tree quarters NiHi rechargeable batteries  



Test gas CO, SO2, H2S, NH3, NO,NO2, CL2, H2 and O2

 Measuring range/resolution  CO  0-200ppm0-10000ppm  1ppm/0.1ppm
 H2S  0-100ppm0-1000ppm  1ppm/0.1ppm
 NH3  0-100ppm  1ppm/0.1ppm
 SO2  0-100ppm  1ppm/0.1ppm
 NO  0-100ppm  1ppm/0.1ppm
 CL2  0-100ppm  1ppm/0.1ppm
 H2  0-100ppm  1ppm
 O2  0-30.0%VOL  ±0.7%VOL
 Emergency alarm set range  Full range of adjustable
 Battery continuous working time
 600小时(no alarm )
 temperature/humidity  -5℃~+40℃/5%~95%RH(condensate)
 Explosion-proof type  Exibl(150℃)
 Size/weight  28L*56W*128Hmm/200g

We can provide a resolution of 0.1ppm if you have special needs ;and we provide a large range of options according to your special needs;The external manual suction pump can be selected; the external sensor can be selected, and the extension line of the probe can be increased.

SFD - BW Gas BW GasAlerMicroClip H2S, CO, O2, combustible Gas % LEL MC - series composite Gas detector

Technical indicators

measuring range: H2S: 0-100 PPM/CO: 0-500 PPM/O2:0-30% VOL/combustible gas: 0-100% LEL
testing/calibration: 1, 2, 3, 4, four gas/automatic calibration and return to zero
backlight: low light/alarm automatic backlighting open
fully functional self-checking: automatic detection sensor when the phone is switched on, battery, circuit and alarm function
sensors: plug type, electrochemical sensors (toxicity, and oxygen), catalytic combustion type (LEL)
can set the content: STEL time period (5-15 minutes). Calibration gas concentration, calibration cycle, open or close a gas; The normal work of the open or closed du. Boot automatically return to zero, alarm lock, a "safe" display, mute function, verification is compulsory verification date function, calibration cycle setting, selection of combustible gas units, etc
alarm indication: sound, light and vibration of three methods for alarm Wide Angle light/change of 95 db (30 cm) pulse sound/pulse vibration
other alarm: low power, range, sensor failure alarm
LCD: continuous real-time display the gas concentration and the state
STEL/TEA: records as TWA and STEL values, the display when necessary
maximum: record the maximum exposure, display when necessary
alarm set point: display when the phone is switched on
protection grade: IP66/67
battery work time: more than 14 hours, charging for 3 hours
size/weight: 10.7 * 6.0 * 6.0 cm / 160 g
event record: can record more than ten alarm events, including the types of gas, the maximum exposure, duration of the alarm
data recorder: users can download data recorder, scroll records 16 hours of data, the default record time intervals for 15 seconds
the service life of the sensor: oxygen 2 years or more, the other 3 years or more

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