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The type of ECD device and combustible / toxic gas

The type of ECD ,field signal switching, distribution and control device

ECD field signal switching, distribution and control device breaks the boundaries of the wired or wireless, all kinds of transmitter signal transmission, to achieve the signal integration and distribution of convenience, universal and intensive.
The product assembly in flameproof enclosure, installed in hazardous areas, set line alarm device troubleshooting, easy maintenance and convenient bus alarm device has the advantages of convenient installation, high efficiency, and can input and output of digital transmission signal control equipment......

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Power input: DC18~36V, or AC220V + 10%, 50-60HZ.

Signal transmission: RS485, CAN, LAN or WiFi can be used in a variety of ways such as SFD-860III large capacity, multi function alarm controller or the installation of SFD-2000 control system software connected to the computer. 

Explosion proof mark:Gb ExdIICT6

Explosion-proof way: flameproof

Input capacity: the maximum acceptable 32 gas detector output 4~20mA signal.

Output capacity: output 8 groups (combined control of intelligent programming), passive, normally open contact on-off signal.
Transmission distance: ECD (using RS485 or CAN communication) and terminal equipment maximum distance of 1200 meters; ECD (using a LAN or wifi communication) and control system need according to site selection of the router; ECD and gas detector or detector maximum transmission distance of 1500 meters。
Temperature range: -40 degrees C - +70.

Relative humidity: 15%-95%RH.

Size: 400 x 600 x 150mm.

Related equipment: SFD-860III, SFD-2000, SFD-600 (BA), SFD-600, SFD-600II 




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