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Fixed alarm controller
  • SFD-700The type of SFD-700 multi-channel sound and light alarm

     Notable features:the combination of flexible,easy installation,alarm clear,cost-effective.

     Measuring range (Range):0-100% LEL.

     Controller Power:input AC220V±10%,50/60HZ;output DC24V;

     Power consumption:<4W/channel.

     Alarm response time:<20 seconds.

     Fuse rating:1A.

  • SFD-300The type of SFD-300 gas alarm controller

     Advanced and high capacity of the main control chip:(ARM Cortex™-M3)Using (ARM Cortex ™ - M3) 32-bit high speed operation of industrial control,12 AD conversion chip,higher speed and precision.Only when necessary,a TF card,can be in the manufacturer's website to download the latest system program to upgrade equipment, upgrade the operation is simple.
     The powerful,rich control performance:2.8 inch TFT color touch-screen,full Chinese menu operation;
     Article 7500 of the start-up,shutdown and low alarm,high alarm,fault alarm record.
     After has the wrong operation,the function of quick restore factory Settings.
     low alarm,high alarm,beyond the range alarm,fault,main/standby switch alarm is set by different background color and sound.
     Through internal alarm controller menu Settings,select display testing gas type,range and units.As long as the change set,an alarm controller can connect multiple types 4-20 mA output signal of the transmitter.
     With a warning, alarm,fault three alarm switch output, and can set the alarm switch at the scene of normally open,normally closed,or the output  the pulse.
     Boot self-checking equipment operation condition,can the independent judgment and show the cause of the gas alarm device failure in Chinese. 

  • SFD-900Standby power supply

    12V lithium battery section          
    Capacity:(5.2AH, 6.8AH, 10.8AH) 12V          
    Discharge: built-in 12V/1A battery charger, 12V output boost to 24V          
    It can be connected: SFD-860 series, SFD-300 series

  • SFD-860The type of SFD-860 series alarm controller

    High degree of intensification, flexible assembly methods. Each liquid crystal can be realistic four channel detector working state, with a small size, intuitive and clear, easy to operate, the advantages of high accuracy.         
    Multifunction, high cost. The alarm controller can receive the 4-20mA standard signal or the RS485 bus signal respectively. Each wire alarm can output a set of passive, a normally opened switch signal and RS485 bus signal. Can replace the PLC (programmable logic controller) to use,effectively reduce the user's equipment procurement and construction costs.       
    Alarm controller and detector using the bus connection, bus connection mode has both advantages of material saving and labor, time and cost, and technical advantages of numerical multiple real-time display concentration detector.          
    Alarm display clear, according to the working state of the equipment changes the background color. Green, pink, red, yellow four colors represent the norm, low alarm, high alarm, fault.

  • SFD-860ⅡThe type of SFD-860II series alarm controller

    Using (ARM Cortex -M3) 32 bit high speed industrial control, 12 bit AD conversion chip, faster and more accurate. 

    2.8 inch true color display, touch screen control, full Chinese menu, friendly UI design experience.

    Has 1000 alarm time records, alarm concentration records,1000 fault and trouble shooting time records , 1000 boot and shutdown time records. Detector capable of shielding failure. The zero point and sensitivity calibration of the intelligent detector can be carried out remotely. The measurement range, unit and sensitivity of each detector can be set up. Built in 5.2AH/12V standby power supply.

  • SFD-860ⅢThe type of SFD-860III multi function Intelligent bus alarm controller

    Using (ARM Cortex -M3) 32 bit high speed industrial control, 12 bit AD conversion chip, faster and more accurate.          
    7 inch true color display, true touch screen control , full Chinese menu, friendly UI design experience.          
    Having record and query function of alarm, fault isolation detector, the on / off time.          
    Remote zero and sensitivity calibration of the detector; corresponding various detectors for measuring range, sensitivity and unit settings; can be equipped with a variety of spare batteries and power supply; the 30 day duration record curve.          

    The alarm controller for large capacity, multifunct platform. According to the user needs, are set to accept the 4-20mA standard signal or RS485 bus signal alarm controller.

  • SFD-200The type of SFD-200 field sound and light alarm device

    Notable features: stable, long life, bright LED light-emitting diodes, visible under a variety of environments, small size, light weight, easy to install, stainless steel shell, waterproof, shockproof, corrosion-resistant.


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