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Fixed alarm controller

SFD-200The type of SFD-200 field sound and light alarm device

Notable features: stable, long life, bright LED light-emitting diodes, visible under a variety of environments, small size, light weight, easy to install, stainless steel shell, waterproof, shockproof, corrosion-resistant.


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Voltage: DC24V ± 50%.
Current: <300MA.
Intensity: 2400 ± 200mcd.
Life: 5 hours continuous alarm, life of more than three years.
Working temperature: -40 ℃ to + 70 ℃.
Humidity: ≤95% RH non-condensing.

Material: Stainless steel.。
Protection class: ExdIICT6 Gb.
Dimensions: 110mm × 70mm × 44mm
Related equipment: SFD-600 "Chameleon" series transmitters, SFD-600II gas transmitter, SFD-300 gas detectors, SFD-600 (BA), ((BZ) gas detectors


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