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Fixed alarm controller

SFD-300The type of SFD-300 gas alarm controller

 Advanced and high capacity of the main control chip:(ARM Cortex™-M3)Using (ARM Cortex ™ - M3) 32-bit high speed operation of industrial control,12 AD conversion chip,higher speed and precision.Only when necessary,a TF card,can be in the manufacturer's website to download the latest system program to upgrade equipment, upgrade the operation is simple.
 The powerful,rich control performance:2.8 inch TFT color touch-screen,full Chinese menu operation;
 Article 7500 of the start-up,shutdown and low alarm,high alarm,fault alarm record.
 After has the wrong operation,the function of quick restore factory Settings.
 low alarm,high alarm,beyond the range alarm,fault,main/standby switch alarm is set by different background color and sound.
 Through internal alarm controller menu Settings,select display testing gas type,range and units.As long as the change set,an alarm controller can connect multiple types 4-20 mA output signal of the transmitter.
 With a warning, alarm,fault three alarm switch output, and can set the alarm switch at the scene of normally open,normally closed,or the output  the pulse.
 Boot self-checking equipment operation condition,can the independent judgment and show the cause of the gas alarm device failure in Chinese. 

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Input and output signals:Alarm controller can receive the various types of detector 4 ~ 20 mA current signal or 0 ~ 5 v voltage signal; Three sets of switch output signal CAN be respectively or simultaneously, a et of 4 ~ 20 ma standard signal, a set of RS485 communication signals, a set of CAN bus communication.




Measuring range: 0-1 PPM... 10000 PPM, 0-100% LEL, 0-100% VOL
The factory setting: first alarm for 25% of full scale and secondary alarm for 50% of full scale
Alarm way: sound and light alarm, digital and column display
Temperature range: - 10 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃
Power input: AC220V ± 10%, 50 to 60 hz
Output power: DC24V ±10%
Power consumption: < 8 w/channel
Installation method: wall, plate mounted, stand cabinet (more than 30 channel) three
Connection mode: alarm  adopts three core cable connection between detector and controller, as shown in the relevant specification
Lightning protection ability: alarm device a full set of lines with new lightning protection design, effective prevention and control of induction lightning and surge lightning damage to the equipment
Optional equipment: 24V backup power supply, power off the sustainable use of 1-5 hours

Related equipment: SFD-600, SFD-600II, SFD-600 (BA) or other 4-20mA signals can be output detector.











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