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Fixed alarm controller

SFD-860ⅢThe type of SFD-860III multi function Intelligent bus alarm controller

Using (ARM Cortex -M3) 32 bit high speed industrial control, 12 bit AD conversion chip, faster and more accurate.          
7 inch true color display, true touch screen control , full Chinese menu, friendly UI design experience.          
Having record and query function of alarm, fault isolation detector, the on / off time.          
Remote zero and sensitivity calibration of the detector; corresponding various detectors for measuring range, sensitivity and unit settings; can be equipped with a variety of spare batteries and power supply; the 30 day duration record curve.          

The alarm controller for large capacity, multifunct platform. According to the user needs, are set to accept the 4-20mA standard signal or RS485 bus signal alarm controller.

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  Communication connection mode: adopt RS485 communication, Mobbus RTU communication protocol
  Bus connection:  SFD - 860Ⅲ controller using fourline bus system connection between controller and detector (two with signal, two power).
  Bus connection:  SFD - 860Ⅲ controller using fourline bus system connection between controller and detector (two with signal, two power).

  Capacity:it has three standard capacity that are 48, 64, 127 SFD-600 (BZ) gas detectors

  Transmission distance: the maximum distance of 1200 meters (such as the increase of trunk power, transmission distance of up to 4000 meters).

  Warning: sound and light alarm, LCD display in Chinese address and state detector.
  Response time: combustible gas is less than 15 seconds, toxic gas less than 40 seconds.
  Explosion-proof way: flameproof (detector).
  Level of protection: IP65 (detector).
  Explosion-proof marks: ExdIICT6 (detector).
  Explosion-proof connections: G3/4 "pipe thread.

  Output control: 8 group contact capacity of AC220V / 10 a.
  Power supply: controller AC220V / 50 hz, the detector DC24V.
  Relative humidity: 15% 95% RH.
  Size: 280 * 430 * 100 mm.
  Related equipment : SFD - 600(BZ),SFD-600 bus system gas detector .







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