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Fixed alarm controller

SFD-700The type of SFD-700 multi-channel sound and light alarm

 Notable features:the combination of flexible,easy installation,alarm clear,cost-effective.

 Measuring range (Range):0-100% LEL.

 Controller Power:input AC220V±10%,50/60HZ;output DC24V;

 Power consumption:<4W/channel.

 Alarm response time:<20 seconds.

 Fuse rating:1A.

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Notable features: the combination of flexible, easy installation, alarm clear, cost-effective.
 Measuring range (Range): 0-100% LEL.
Controller Power: input AC220V ± 10%, 50 / 60HZ; output DC24V;
Power consumption: <4W / channel.
Alarm response time: <20 seconds.
Alarm set value: 10-30% LEL (adjustable).
Alarm accuracy: ± 5%.
Temperature range: -10-45 ℃.
Humidity range: 20-90% RH.
Pressure range: standard atmospheric pressure ± 10%.
Related equipment: SFD-600 (BK) combustible gas detector.

Assembly specifications:two, four, eight, ten channel.


 SFD-300 gas alarm 

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