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the type of LA100 fire monitoring system
  • Automatic Fire Protection Cannon system

     Combined with the LA100 system, the active fire control system for early detection and automatic location of fire is formed.

     Rapid response, reduce the loss of the fire
     Directional spraying extinguishing agent, reduce the second loss
     High flow, high fire extinguishing effect
  • Light section image smoke sensing fire detector

     Advanced detection technology: image based fire technology, high sensitivity
     One pair of multi detect modes: single detector can be composed of a receiver and a number of launcher, forming a light section, increase the fast response area, shorten the fire response time.
     Automatic tracking and adaptation technology: no need of collimation optical path, eliminating the false alarm caused by the relative displacement caused by vibration and so on, the construction and installation are also very convenient

  • Dual band image fire detector

     Advanced detection technology: image based fire detection technology, the detection distance is far, the protection of large area.
     Alarm visualization : alarm and automatic visual display and record the monitoring scene image, to provide accurate information for the investigation of the accident.
     Strong anti-interference ability: non-contact detection, good sealing performance, anti disturbance (such as dust, strong light, vibration, humidity, air etc.)
     High performance price ratio: set fire and theft prevention and monitoring three-in-one.

  • LA100型LA100 fire monitoring system

    The system uses real-time video image analysis technology, analysis of fire phenomena and features in the video image, with "dual band image fire detection technology" and "light section image smoke detection technology" as the core, to solve the large space fire alarm and save the world problem.  

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