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the type of LA100 fire monitoring system

Automatic Fire Protection Cannon system

 Combined with the LA100 system, the active fire control system for early detection and automatic location of fire is formed.

 Rapid response, reduce the loss of the fire
 Directional spraying extinguishing agent, reduce the second loss
 High flow, high fire extinguishing effect
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Combined with the LA100 system, the active fire control system for early detection and automatic location of fire is formed.          

Rapid response, reduce the loss of the fire           

Directional spraying extinguishing agent, reduce the second loss 

High flow, high fire extinguishing effect          

 Remote manual control, the operator away from the danger zone          

 Can partially or completely replace the automatic sprinkler system or deluge system          

Simple pipeline, convenient installation and maintenance, does not affect the internal structure of the building and decoration styl

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